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March 3, 2015

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Standard Army Maintenance System - Enhanced

SAMS-E consists of SAMS-1E, SAMS-2E, and SAMS-IE. It replaces and enhances the ULLS-G, SAMS-1, SAMS-2, and I/TDA legacy systems by incorporating the Windows graphical user interface (GUI), integrating the Windows operating system and merging functionality of ULLS-G into SAMS-1. This effort is a maintenance systems modernization initiative, allowing SAMS-E to act as a bridge between current functionality and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. SAMS-E modernizes the following functions:
  • Automated unit level maintenance, supply, and readiness reporting functions
  • Day-to-day weapon system and sub-component readiness status
  • Maintenance and related repair parts information
  • Management functions from the tactical direct support (DS)/general support (GS) level maintenance activities and supports the transition to the Field and Sustainment Maintenance concept (Two-Levels of Maintenance)
SAMS-E is considered a mission critical system that supports the following elements:
  • Combat Services Support (CSS) Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) unit level maintenance elements
  • Field and Sustainment maintenance shop production activities
  • Maintenance managers from the battalion to wholesale levels
  • For maneuver units, the SAMS-E systems are located at the company and separate company level and can be consolidated at the battalion level. For combat support and combat service support elements, SAMS-E provides consolidated maintenance and repair parts data and is located at the assigned Field and Sustainment organizations within the Maneuver Battalions, the Brigade Support Battalions (BSB), and Sustainment Brigades. Within the Sustainment Base, SAMS-E is located in the Component Repair Companies (CRC), Support Maintenance Companies (SMC), and materiel management organizations.

Technical Characteristics

  • Operating Systems - Microsoft Windows and Windows Server
  • Database - Oracle
  • Languages - C#, Visual Studio.Net
  • Hardware - COTS notebooks, host, printer and AIT equipment (handheld device, wireless access point, encoder/decoder)


SAMS-E AKO Web Page:

Customer Support Office (CSO)

COMM: (804)734-1051      DSN: 687-1051

Customer Support Network (CSN)

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