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September 23, 2014

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Welcome To Software Engineering Center - Lee, Ft Lee, Virginia Software Engineering Center - Lee
Welcome. We are a U.S. Army Software Engineering Center with more than 40 years experience developing and sustaining key and critical Combat Service Support software applications for Army and other Department of Defense Agency acquisition programs.

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IT Services

We provide Information Technology (IT) services for other Army and DoD organizations. To get started, read about the IT services we provide. For more information or to contact us regarding a new project please visit our business office page.

Supported Projects

We provide 24x7 support for many critical Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS) and software applications for Army and DoD customers. Find information about our supported projects, or go to our customer support office contact page for immediate help.

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Customer Support Office (CSO)

The SEC Lee Customer Support Office (CSO) Tier I&II STAMIS Help Desk
is now fully operational. The Fort Hood STAMIS CSO (Ticket Trackr) system has been
successfully migrated to SEC Lee Customer Assistance Office (CSO) and renamed S4IF.

The Fort Hood Web site traffic is redirected to the Sustainment Support System for the Single Interface to the Field (S4IF) website until the user community grows accustom to our new site. Phone calls are transfered to Fort Lee CSO Level One Technicians prior to escalating to Level Two Technicians.

Users are not required to complete any additional registration or training. S4IF is using the same data and has the same look and feel as Ticket Trackr.

Look for the New SEC-Lee TLD website development underway

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